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Areas of Practice

Family Law

Family law issues are very sensitive and usually emotionally and financially draining.

Our firm is here to provide you with skilled representation in all your family issues including:………….

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Employment and Labour Relations

Employment and labor relation are often coupled with multiple legal issues. The handling  of such issues requires a high level of expertise in laws and practices………..

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Real Property and Conveyacing

Because of its value, land requires a reliable source of security. Our firm is ready to provide you with the sense of security that you need.  Our services do not only guarantee total integrity but also expert services.

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Corporate and Commercial Law

An incorporated company has a legal life of its own. This life depends on the company’s compliance with the requirements of the law.

We ensure that our clients are in full compliance with the law. Leave to us all company matters…………. 

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Cooperative Societies

A co-operative society is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to pursue their economic, social and cultural ambitions through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise………..

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General Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our experience on high profile cases and our pro-tempo partnerships with various advocates, academicians and prominent law firms within and outside Tanzania makes us competitive litigators in Tanzanian courts of law, particularly the Court of Appeal………..

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